Compliance, Critical Incident Reporting System, Whistleblower, Complaint Procedure

INSTRUCLEAN has established a Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) which allows anonymous reporting of critical incidents (including critical deviations, faults, near incidents and incidents) in connection with processing of medical devices by the company. This system is open for all whistleblowers. To enter the system and supply information please move to CIRS in the top navigation of this website.

For external whistleblowers, in particular business partners and competitors of VAMED as well as other stakeholders a Compliance Ombudsman of our parent company VAMED is available, to whom possible compliance cases (violations of laws or corporate guidelines) can be reported and with whom confidential communication with the whistleblowers is ensured. For reporting risks or violations of human rights or regarding the environment a complaint procedure is installed with our parent company VAMED. Details regarding the Ombudsman or the complaint procedure can be found at .